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2024 월드세일링 국제경기임원 역할, 자격요건 및 적합성 변경 사항

대한요트협회|2024-02-02|조회수: 961

월드세일링으로부터 국제경기임원에 대한 역할, 자격요건 및 적합성 변경사항에 대하여 홍보 요청을 받아 붙임과 같이 공지하오니 참고부탁드립니다.

(국제경기임원 관련으로 영어원문 그대로 게시함을 참고바랍니다.) 

주요 변경사항은 아래와 같습니다. 변경사항에 대한 전문은 붙임파일 또는 아래 웹사이트 링크를 통해 확인가능합니다. 

- 링크 :

○ 주요 변경사항

[2024 Race Officials Roles, Qualifications and Competencies Document]

Examination Changes

Changes have been made for a candidate who fails the examination on the second or third attempt, reducing the required wait time to re-sit an exam from 2 years from the last exam taken to 1 year. 

International Judges

For an IJ renewal test the following amendments have been made:

The test must be taken in the year you renew. 

The deadline for a Renewal Test to be sat is 31st August (of year of application).

A candidate for re-appointment who has not passed the examination may be re-appointed (except under Regulation 31.15) if all other conditions for re-appointment are met and the examination has been passed before 1 January in the following year.

International Umpire

The requirement to attend a seminar has been removed from the 4-year designated period.

International Measurer

There is a mandatory requirement to submit an IM report for every event listed within an IM application. Additional events have been included within the event list.



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